Met het boek Het Duurloopmisverstand

Easy Interval Method, a book with a training method that - according to so many runners who apply it - could be the best, the most pleasant and most efficient way of training. Not only for the every day runner, but also for elite runners.

It has been written by Dutchman Klaas Lok, who won 24 Dutch titles over 1500m upto 10,000m and cross country. He finished 2nd in the European Indoor Championships and 20th in the World Cross-Country Championships, both in 1980. He first published the Dutch version of this book  (title: Het Duurloopmisverstand -  see souplessemethode.nl or duurloopmisverstand.nl) in the Netherlands in 2005. It turned out to be the most succesful running book in his country, mostly gratitude to enthusisastic reviews and 'mouth to mouth' recommendations.
When you search with the words 'Souplessemethode' or 'Duurloopmisverstand' you wil find many reviews on Dutch websites.

EIMcovervoorkantMany Dutch titles have been won and several Dutch records broken with this method.

Dutchman John van der Wansem ran two masters world records.

German master runner Silke Schmidt did even better with 7 world records and
4 world titles
This English version wil be for sale mid June 2019 and can be ordered from any country in the world via Amazon.

Easy Interval Method

Easy interval training has attracted attention in other countries. Reason to translate the Dutch book Het Duurloopmisverstand into English.


It is for sale worldwide: via duurloopmisverstand.nl in the Netherlands, via
amazon.com in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Germany, and of course from any other country in the world! More info at easyintervalmethod.com, where you can find direct links to amazon-page of the country of your choice.